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Matějovský gave a goal after three years. I’m glad I contributed, he said

It’s almost three years since Marek Matějovský gave the last goal in the first league. At the end of November 2013 Sparta helped Jablonca as the alternating player. “I wanted to center and it fell into the gate. A happy goal, “he admitted to journalists at the time.

This time he scored his goal completely consciously. He took the ball to foul Jirásek and fired from the boundary of the penalty area. “I raised my head and saw where the goalie is, I thought it was a bit more on the front pole and the position was not perfect,” Matějov said.

His solution was perhaps surprising, he could play both left and right.The Mladoboleslavs went into the renumbering of 1xbet bonus three against two. “Of course, at first, I had the idea of ​​moving it to one of the boys. But in the end, I tried it for the far stick and set it there, so I’m glad, “he smiled.

While he did not like Matějovský after his last goal in Jablonec. “I do not play, I can not be happy,” he said three years ago, this time he ran with his hands out into the corner of the playground, where his teammates started to jump.

“I’m glad I could have somehow contributed.But I’m especially glad that after I had my health problems, I could play some part of the game and somehow help the manchafta, “Matějovský explained.

In Dolek was able to play the whole game without three minutes, even though Jirasek was in the middle half of the second half. While Matějovský was hard on the pitch, the foul player had to leave him, he got a red card.

“I was at the balloon before. From my point of view, he wanted to stop the action and hit 1xbet mobile me on a standing leg. I have heard that I have simulated, but it is totally despicable. As judged by the judge, I will leave it to him, but the foul was unambiguous, “said Matějovský.

He experienced the biggest league success in Mladá Boleslav in the 2005/06 season as the second place in the league.More than ten years later he is in the club again and Mladá Boleslav is even the first in the incomplete tenth round. “The coach urges us not to keep up and keep on doing whatever we can to make the next match and manage them. So far, we are doing well and we will do everything we can to keep going. We are still working, “Matějovský assured.

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